Homeless children and their families need your help now.

Your gift today offers families facing homelessness the promise of home. Family Promise of Collin County is an affiliate of the leading national nonprofit addressing family homelessness, providing homelessness prevention, rotational shelter, workforce development, education, financial capability, health and wellness, and so much more.

Frequently asked questions

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Family Promise of Collin County is a 501c3 non-profit. Please include your contact information so we can send you a tax receipt.

What does my donation go towards?

Unless specified by you, all donations will be applied to our general fund.

What if my corporation wants to do a corporate sponsorship?

We would be thrilled to partner with corporations who would like to provide either a financial gift or in-kind donation. Please email our Executive Director, LaVeeta Hamilton, to start this conversation.

What Your Donation Provides

What does a $25 donation provide?

A donation of $25.00 or more can provide a gas gift card for families so they can interview for jobs, work and transport children to school. Walmart and/or Target cards can help provide needed toiletry items, shoes, clothes and medicine.

What does a $50 donation provide?

A donation of $50.00 or more could assist families with utility/rental fees and associated expenses and maintenance on our current transitional homes.

What does a $100 donation provide?

$100 or more will enable Family Promise of Collin County to provide reliable transportation for our families. Once a car is donated to our program, your financial donation will allow us to register, repair and maintain donated vehicles. It also allows us to assist families with the maintenance and repair of their own vehicles as well as with other transportation costs.

What does a $250 donation provide?

Help our graduate families continue on the road to sustainable independence! A gift of $250 would support a family in our Live Well program for 6 months!

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