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Community Initiative

Family Promise understands the needs of vulnerable families. So, we offer innovative programs — such as tenancy preparation, financial literacy, and virtual career pathway training — to address them in a cost-effective, targeted approach.

Transportation = Independence

Mass transportation is virtually non-existent in Collin County.  To help our families, God's Wheels secures dependable cars for the guests to utilize.  If after successfully completing the program a vehicle is available, the family will have the option to purchase one for a small program fee.  

In addition to the provided transportation, guests receive a weekly gas card while in the program.  This enables them to seek employment and/or travel to and from their job. 

God's Wheels Vehicle Program

At times, those in need that are not guests in our program may be assisted.  These applicants must be screened and approved. Resources are shared with applicants on an as available basis with priority going to current Family Promise guests. 


If you would like to donate your vehicle, we can provide you with an IRS 1098C documenting your tax deductible contribution and your donation helps those in your own community. 


Additionally, many of our families do own vehicles, but need assistance with maintenance and gas. If funding is available, FPOCC can provide assistance for approved repairs, car registration and inspection. Weekly donated gas cards are given to each family while they are in the program.

If you are a skilled mechanic or repair shop and would like to volunteer to help our guests with repairs on their vehicles, please consider joining with us!  For more information, please email us

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