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Shelter Diversion

Our Shelter Diversion program is designed to  keep families out of Rotation Shelter by providing financial assistance and robust case management.

Shelter Diversion - supports families experiencing homelessness and seeking shelter to either a) restore housing, or b) identify a safe place to avoid entering shelter.  At its core, the practice is trauma informed, client-centered, and sees homelessness as a crisis that needs to be mediated. FPOCC's Diversion program will help families that are not homeless yet to help them find opportunities to avoid homelessness 


"Shelter Diversion" has the best outcomes and is the most cost-effective way to prevent homelessness.  But what is it, exactly?  In essence, Shelter Diversion means keeping individuals and families from entering emergency shelters or sleeping in places not meant for human habitation.  Or, by definition, becoming literally homeless.


Shelter Diversion is targeted toward those who have already lost their own housing, are doubled up, and running out of places to stay.  The program provides financial assistance, and robust case management.


Since lower-income households are more likely to experience homelessness, diversion targets assistance to households that have income below 30% of Area Median Income. Or that lack financial resources and support networks, and have other homelessness risk factors such as criminal records, young children, and eviction histories.


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